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Our Story

Owner Niyi grew up in Nigeria where spice and intense flavours were an intricate part of meals. However moving to England, Niyi found himself to be a novice in the kitchen, unable to match the level of flavour or spice his palate was used to. Years later while travelling, Niyi worked with a chef who educated him on exploring unique new ways to fuse flavours from his multi-cultural upbringing together, thus the plan for Novice Kitchen was cooked up.

At Novice Kitchen, we understand the source and knowledge of an ingredient transforms them from a simple meal, to a rich story. That’s why each key ingredient used is personally sourced at market by owner Niyi, and each product sold, Novice Kitchen gives back to keep the stories going.

The brands unique blend of food, culture, simplicity and suave speak to a cohort of kitchen novices, giving them the ingredients to empower themselves in the kitchen and beyond.

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