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Tropical Heat

A celebration of the tropics. The Mango is the national fruit of several countries like India, Philippines and Haiti.

Flavour notes: The Mango and Smoked Pineapple is Tropical, Delicate and Spicy.

Balinese Jam

The Balinese jam transports your taste buds to the Gili Islands in Indonesia. The jam is inspired by 'Sambal Oelek'

Flavour notes: The jam is fresh, sweet, spicy and packed full of Umami flavours.


A blend of East meets West Inspired by a Korean favourite 'Gochujang' and everyday staple Ketchup. 

The Gojuchup goes through a 2 week fermentation period making it Savoury, Sweet and Spicy.

Chipotle Ketchup

Distinctively aromatic and earthly spiciness

Flavour notes: Smoky, Spicy and Sweet

Genuinely never tasted anything like this Balinese Jam, it is so fresh and delicious. Can I order 3?


Great sauce I love the fruiteness and kick you get after


The recipe I tried was so tasty!! and so easy with so many flavours. Thanks so much I want more jams!!


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