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Balinese Jam Sambal

This Balinese inspired Sambal is a vibrant and spicy chilli based condiment popularly found in Balinese cuisine.

Our 3 Stars Great Taste award winning condiment is bold, full of umami. This sambal can be used as a marinade or to enhance your stir fry’s and curries.

Flavour notes: The jam is fresh, sweet, spicy and packed full of Umami flavours.

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Tropical Heat Hot Sauce

A celebration of the tropics. The Mango is the national fruit of several countries like India, Philippines and Haiti.

Flavour notes: The Mango and Smoked Pineapple is Tropical, Delicate and Spicy.

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Sichuan Crunch Chilli Oil

Sichuan Crunch Chilli Oil

This Sichuan and Korean inspired chilli oil is a flavourful and spicy condiment that combines the best of both cuisines.

The oil is infused with Sichuan peppercorns, Gochugaru, dried Chilli flakes, Crispy Shallots and Garlic.

Simply drizzle over dishes to add a fiery kick and a burst of flavour or use as a dipping sauce and marinade.

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Genuinely never tasted anything like this Balinese Jam, it is so fresh and delicious. Can I order 3?


Great sauce I love the fruiteness and kick you get after


The recipe I tried was so tasty!! and so easy with so many flavours. Thanks so much I want more jams!!


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