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Soho House x Novice Kitchen

To start the year off at Novice Kitchen we held our very first cookery workshop in collaboration with Soho House. We took over the library at Shoreditch house where we hosted 12 members and guests.

As you know our goal at NK HQ is cultural enlightenment in the kitchen and beyond made simple, in line with this we focused on flavours from Bali for our two dishes.

For starters we made a delicious Sambal Aubergine using Novice Kitchen Balinese Jam that was good enough to turn our guests that weren't big Aubergine fans into Aubergine lovers. 

Our main dish was the ultimate comfort food, we made a Balinese jam chicken curry using the same ingredients from the Sambal Aubergine to ensure there was little to no waste. 

The event was a great success and we loved sharing our passion for food with other kitchen Novices, particularly those in the market for a hearty hot sauce.

Thank you to Soho House for the support and for having us!!! Looking forward to hosting more events like this. 

You can find the recipes for the dishes we cooked in the recipe section on the website. 

Here are some photos from the Night:


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