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Balinese Jam Grilled Aubergine


1 Whole Aubergine

250g Mince

Novice Kitchen Balinese Jam

1 Whole Chilli

2 Spring Onions

4tbs Soy Sauce

3tbs Chinese Vinegar (optional)

Olive oil

Handful Chestnut Mushrooms


Cut the aubergine lengthways into two pieces

Mark the flesh side diagonally from top to bottom

Pour a glug of olive oil on the flesh side of the aubergine and spread 2tsp of the Balinese Jam all over

Place this in the oven at 180c for 40 mins (tip: check the aubergine 20 mins in as you may need to add some more olive oil)

Whilst the aubergine is in the oven, in a pan pour a generous glug of olive and on a medium to high heat 

Add in the mince to the pan and cook until the there's no water left.

pour in the Soy sauce, 2tsp of the Balinese Jam and Chinese vinegar into the mince (add more soy to taste)

Once the aubergine is cooked and soft in the centre, place this on a plate and pour the mince over the top

Garnish with freshly chopped chillies, spring onions or coriander

Enjoy Novices!!