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Balinese Jam & Miso Prawns


5 Madagascan Tiger Prawns (Or ready to cook prawns)

1 tsp Novice Kitchen Balinese Jam

1 tbsp Miso

2 tbsp of Fish Sauce

1 tbsp of Ponzu or Soy Sauce

A pinch of Salt

1/2 a Lime

1 Thumb size nub of butter

Olive oil

Handful of Coriander Leaves


1) De-vain and clean prawns (if prawns are fresh)

2) In a bowl place prawns and add in NK Balinese Jam, Miso, Ponzu/Soy sauce, Salt

3) Mix it all until the prawns are coated in the mix

4) Leave to marinade in fridge for 30mins - 1hr

5) Heat a frying pan on medium to low heat then add prawns

6) Cook for about 2-3 mins each side

7) Add butter to the pan and with a spoon baste the prawn for about 2 mins, you'll know when the prawns are done, they'll be pink all the way through. 

8) Place the prawns on a plate and garnish with lime and coriander.

9) Enjoy fellow Novices!!