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Sambal Aubergine

Sambal Aubergine:


1 large Aubergine 


½ Jar Balinese Jam


Olive oil

Soy Sauce 

2tbs Honey




Cut the Aubergine into 1 inch thick circles, place in a bowl or plate and generously season with salt then set aside for 15 minutes to draw out the moisture, this will give the aubergine a better sear.


  • Pour half a jar of the Balinese jam into a bowl with 4tbs of Soy sauce and 2tbs of Honey mix this all together to create the final sauce (season to taste)
  • In a frying pan heat up some olive oil on a medium to high heat until the oil is very hot
  • Place the aubergines in the pan to sear for 6 minutes each side or until golden brown on both sides
  • Add in a generous nub of Vegan butter to the frying pan, whilst it is melting pour in the sambal mix and with a spoon baste the aubergines for 1-2mins.
  • Garnish with some coriander and radishes and serve on a bed of rice.

Enjoy Novices!!